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“CargoFee" logistics e-commerce platform successfully comes online, welcome to the, you can check the global import and export cargo delivery cost, and booking online, one-stop tracking the goods reach their destination.

Our company few years ago has been independent development and run intelligent IT logistics electric business platform (, we has success transformation and achieved has logistics electric business line online and offline synchronization operation, global logistics freight of points season harmonic rationalization and timely accurate of, and logistics information resources shared, and benefit customer groups radiation domain wide, conducive to customer shipping more convenient, and process more specification, more can for customer reduced layer Layer logistics chain of large cost, A one-stop complete online check price-->online booking---> online payment-> online tracking, the platform is already in a leading position in global logistics business, played a role in promoting global comprehensive and rapid development of the logistics sector.

QianHang Int’l Logistics Co.,Ltd(Short name " QHI " ) was founded in 2009 with a registered capital of RMB10000000,It is approved by The Ministry of Commerce for Business of International logistics forwarder. is a professional engaged in global logistics and transportation services, as well as import and export logistics planning operators, the company is "the world freight Alliance" (WCA) elite members, is the global transportation Credit enterprise.
QHI Business: international air freight/ocean freight/express to door/ rail transport ; also provides a variety of documentation, one-stop import and export declarations, the global e-commerce warehousing services, transport specified for the large cross-border e-commerce agents;
QHI thousand airlines headquarters is located in Shenzhen, and in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen Baoan, and Henan Zhengzhou, and Beijing, and Shanghai, and Bangladesh Dhaka, and Bangladesh Chittagong, important airport and the port city established has branch, in China established has big and small cargo warehouse, QHI with world famous of the airlines and the shipping company established has very close of cooperation relationship, QHI in most of globe have high quality of agent partner institutions, and became best of strategy cooperation partners.
All sectors of society Supports us over the years, as well as all of company colleagues in the joint efforts, the main projects have achieved excellent results, business grow up fast and business scope more and more expansion.In the industry has been generally recognized and With good credit reputation.
In the future we will be in " My cargo, I decide"  for the business theme, will be "we are partners and win both" for the development goals, continue to maintain leadership in the logistics industry, provides you with leading transport solutions as well as providing professional transportation service, sincerely hopes to become your best partner in business.